Tufts SIS Faculty Login – Access Tufts at sis.uit.tufts.edu

Last updated on September 13th, 2020 at 06:49 pm

Tufts SIS Faculty Login – Faculty members at the Tufts University can log into their account at sis.uit.tufts.edu. It is a student information system that packs a wide range of data for the students as well as faculty members.

Anyone who is associated with the university can log into their account at the TUFTS SIS Login portal. A faculty member can update data for the students, help them learn, assist them with issues they conquer, and even more.

While a student can learn online, get in touch with the teachers, submit their projects and assignments enroll for additional courses, and view their grades by signing into Tufts SIS.

Tufts SIS Faculty Login – Overview

If you have signed into the TUFTS SIS Faculty Login portal you must be familiar with the portal. Else you can read a detailed overview here. SIS denotes student information systems which can also be termed as a canvas portal in simple words. At the login portal, one can manage their course, find education online, and get access to the blackboard anytime and anywhere.

Faculty login is for the faculty members i.e. teachers so that they can assist the students to learn online and update grades, notices, and updates for them.

You can sign in at the Official SIS Faculty website. Once logged in the user can approach all the above-listed features or even more than that! Read on for a quick guide to the account login procedure.

Tufts SIS Faculty Login Procedure in 5 Simple Steps

  • In the first step, the user should navigate to the TUFTS SIS Login website. uit.tufts.edu
  • Secondly, eye towards the top left of the screen and there is the login widget. You can refer to the image below:
Tufts Sis Faculty Login
login website
  • Tap on the ‘Tufts Login’ button there and you will be directed to the main login page.
  • Type in the Tufts Username and Tufts Password in the blank spaces.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button below to log in.

Forgot your Tufts Username or Password

Any user who has lost credentials can reset it. You need to go to the login website then select a few correct options to reset your password or user id. Read on for a step by step walkthrough of the process.


  • Go to the main login website.
  • In the second step look below the login widget.
  • Now there is a link that reads ‘Forgot your Tufts Username or Password?’ just below the login button.


  • Tap on it and you will be directed to the next page.
  • Now there are a few buttons there as pictured below:

Password Reset Web Page

  • Click on the one that applies to you.
  • In the next step, you will be allowed to reset your password or get Tufts Username.

For password reset if you know the current password you need to enter it for setting up a new password.

If you arent able to recall your password you need to choose the second option which asks you to call on (617) 627 – 3376 for a password reset.

SIS Help Desk Phone Number

(617) 627 – 3376


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