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National Incident Management System Compliance Assistance …

National Incident Management System Compliance Assistance Support Tool . Quick Guide: Current NIMSCAST User Sign into PrepCAST Process . December 2012 NIMSCAST Quick Guide 2 . B. UPDATEYOUR USER PROFILE . Current NIMSCAST users should navigate to their profile to add security questions and e dit contact information.

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This section of the website provides information on the National Incident Management System (NIMS). NIMS is intended to be used by the whole community. The intended audience for this section is individuals, families, communities, the private and nonprofit sectors, faith-based organizations, and state, local, tribal, territorial, and federal governments.The National Incident

FEMA eServices Application Suite

The ability to login and/or navigate some pages. 2. The ability to swap one image for another or a group of images at the same time. 3. The ability to jump to a specified location when choosing an item from a list. 4. The hiding and showing of different layers based upon the arguments provided. … Please insert your FEMA PIV card into your …

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NIMSCAST needs to become less about tracking numbers (which change all the time) and more about training and capabilities in the broader areas within NIMS. NIMS is more than just who understands ICS. What is more important is that capabilities within, and between, the MAC entities exists. Time to progress past FEMA 101 ICS coursework

National Incident Management System Compliance Assistance …

National Incident Management System Compliance Assistance Support Tool Quick Guide: Navigating NIMSCAST July 2011 NIMSCAST Quick Guide 2 Step 1: Look to the upper part of the page where you will see [Current Account] » USA and the account string. The last entry in the

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NIMSCAST is an electronic version of the questions asked in the printed document titled FY10 NIMS Compliance Metrics. All local municipalities within Westchester County need to access and use NIMSCAST to report their progress as they undertake activities to achieve NIMS compliance.


A list of NIMS can be found at the FEMA website. In addition to FEMA, the Illinois Fire Services Institute routinely provides NIMS certification courses. Visit their websites by clicking on their names to learn about upcoming training opportunities. NIMSCAST: NIMSCAST is no longer used by FEMA. Illinois is using a new system for reporting …

NIMSCAST Technical Users Guide 043007

NIMSCAST Technical Users Guide Version 1.1 7 of 46 FEMA Incident Management Systems Division April 30, 2007 Updating User Information The NIMSCAST stores basic contact information that was provided during the registration process or supplied by an administrator who invited you to access the NIMSCAST.

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NIMSCAST Users Guide Version 4.0 7 of 59 October 2009 < 24 Hours If it is less then 24 hours from the time that the e-mail was sent, the user can click on the first link (see Figure 1) provided to access the tool and establish a permanent password. The link will take a user into their account where

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